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A little Can-Do for young minds

Daily prompts for calmer, happier and more mindful you

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Parents who have a Can of Can-Do say:

I got a can for my daughter and we both love it and often end up doing the exercises together. I am a teacher and can see these working really well in schools for kids that need to de-stress and take some time for themselves. 

Tracey C

I got cans of can do for my two girls aged 9 and 12 years and I have to say they love them- so much so we’ve been late for school two days this week whilst my youngest does her daily exercise! It’s fun and simple but I can their confidence growing and a sense of calm with each card they do.  Love the card designs on the back too. 

Abby S

I bought a can of can-do for my son, Ethan and he enjoys picking out a card every day - his highlight is going through the task and then pinning the picture on his board in his bedroom. It's simply wonderful!

Jan France
Created with Psychotherapists
Every can raises money for charity
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